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Affordable Digital Media Conversion Services in Big Lake, MN

Over the decades, you might have accumulated hours of video and boxes of photos that you never want to lose. Your memories are fragile, and Hanson Productions in Big Lake, MN, wants to help you keep them safe. Our digital media conversion team helps you take physical media and convert it into long-lasting cloud and digital formats.

Conversion of Old Media to DVDs, Flash Drives, & Cloud Storage

Converting to a Number of New Media Formats

An Efficient Conversion Process

Donating a Percentage of Every Order to Charity

Focusing on Digital Preservation

When you want to ensure that you’ll never lose a single photo or video, digital is the way to go. Through our effective digital media conversion process, we take photos, VHS tapes, and other “old media” formats and transfer them into digital spaces.

Whether it’s transfer to a DVD, flash drive, or cloud service, we can assist with the following items:

  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • Hi8/8mm
  • Mini-DV
  • DVD
  • Mini-DVD
  • Photos
  • Slides
  • Reels

Making a Difference With Every Purchase

Aside from digital media conversion, it’s our goal to give back to the community we live and work in. When you work with us, a percentage of your purchase will be donated to the charity of your choice. From food banks to homeless shelters, we want to be a helping hand to those in need.

Our Pricing

At Hanson Productions, we want you to get digital copies of your favorite memories in no time at all. Once you drop off your old media, we work quickly to scan or transfer them to our server and begin the digital media conversion process. As a trusted name in VHS conversion and photo preservation, we offer some of the best rates. 

Our current prices are as follows:

  • $13 per Tape
  • $15 per Reel
  • $0.35 per Photo

Digital Media Conversion pricing

Connect With Our Team Today!

With Hanson Productions, your memories are in capable hands. When it comes to digital media conversion, we offer a service that’s truly a cut above the rest. 

Reach out to our team today to learn more about how we take photos and videos and transfer them into digital spaces.

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